What is Server Virtualization?

In its most basic implementation, virtualization turns multiple physical servers into a single single where all the prior servers “live” inside of it.  So if you have 4 old servers, you don’t have to upgrade or replace each of them.  We can turn the current servers into “images” and place them inside the new server, so they keep running as if there was no change.  You can then share the new server’s hardware (save on cost!) across the newly “virtualized” servers.  Disaster recovery and backups are also easier with virtual machines.  More complex scenarios exist where we create a “virtual fabric” across multiple servers or locations, and even leverage the cloud for your need.

Virtualizing servers is a rapidly growing choice among many businesses. TechVoo® has virtualized servers for businesses looking for efficient and effective use of server resources and capabilities, in addition to consolidating space.

TechVoo® can consolidate multiple servers together, with different operating systems, during server migrations, Linux, Windows, OSX all can function within the same server, providing businesses with flexibility. TechVoo® clients also experienced increased speeds after virtualizing their servers. Before making the decision to virtualize, many businesses experienced frustration with their IT infrastructure, especially due to the slow speeds in server provisioning. The decision to virtualize servers streamlines server provisioning and the amount of time required to deploy a new server- critical during disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery is another critical reason for virtualizing servers. If your business’s server went down today, how long would it be before you were up and running? The average downtime for businesses is 2 days! Server virtualization can reduce that time to 4 hours. TechVoo® can boost your business continuity should disaster strike. We’ve helped businesses avert major loss through server virtualization.

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