Benefits of updating your network wiring

  • Reliable and consistent internet connections
  • Internet strength and speed
  • Speed of communication between devices
  • Stronger network security


The two most common ways to network devices together today are wireless and ethernet hard wire (cat cable). While many prefer the wireless router for mobility purposes, there are many downfalls to wireless. Having a device hard wired to your network gives you greater security, reliability, and most importantly speed.

Not many individuals realize that your cabling makes a remarkable difference depending on the category (CAT) you have installed.

Cat5 came out in 1991 and is mainly found in older networks. Cat5e which was implemented in 2001 and is still to this day widely used as the main cabling source in many offices due to the cost effectiveness. With faster internet speeds and larger amounts of data, Cat6 is the new industry standard. Cat5e can handle speeds up to 1GB. With fiber lines becoming more readily available to not only business, but residential homes as well, 1GB internet speeds will soon be the standard within a few years.

Cat6 can handle speeds up to 10GB. There is a prediction that by 2020, data production will be 44 times greater than where it is today. With increase in data size and speeds, production will rely on your network infrastructure.

Since 2007, TechVoo® has installed and monitored network infrastructures for many businesses in the Chicagoland area. We make sure that your wiring jobs are done properly from bundling main trunks of wire, to proper hanging from ceiling, running within wall voids, through top sills, within metal or wood studs, and ultimately and clean leveled plate for your devices to plug into. We can work within pre-build construction, as well as new construction.