IT security is critical for every business. TechVoo® has extensive experience equipping businesses with different forms of security against many threats.

One of the worst mistakes a business can make is ignoring their IT security. TechVoo® has worked with a number of business attacked by hackers because of the mentality “we thought it was unlikely to happen to us.” TechVoo® has helped many businesses recover after a security breach, including crypto viruses and phishing scams. TechVoo® wants your businesses to avoid these attacks, which are preventable through proactive care.

Threats against your technology will continue to evolve, making IT security an on-going process. TechVoo® makes the process simple and easy for you. We begin by understanding your business’s IT infrastructure and security concerns. TechVoo® offers onsite technology audits, where a technician will review and create a comprehensive and detail report with where security needs to improve, recommendations and the next steps.

Since every business is unique, their IT security is unique as well. TechVoo® roadmaps the security for businesses ranging from a few office employees to companies with hundreds of field agents. We work with businesses with compliance requirements including HIPAA, FINRA, SEC and more. We understand and know how to protect businesses from potential threats from both outside and inside the office.

There are many different forms of security TechVoo® can provide to businesses including encryption, firewalls, setting up two factor authentications, VPNs and so much more. Our recommendations will always be suited to what your business needs. TechVoo® also encourages educating staff members about simple IT security measures and we’re always happy to answer any questions.

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