Virtualizing servers is a rapidly growing choice among many businesses. TechVoo® has virtualized servers for businesses looking for efficient and effective use of server resources and capabilities, in addition to consolidating space.

TechVoo® can consolidate multiple servers together, with different operating systems including Linux, Windows and OSX.  These different environments can function within the same server, providing businesses with flexibility. TechVoo® clients also experience increased speed after virtualizing their servers. Before making the decision to virtualize, many businesses experienced frustration with their IT infrastructure, especially due to the slow speeds in server provisioning. The decision to virtualize servers aids in server provisioning and decreases the amount of time required to deploy a new server- critical during disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery is another critical reason for virtualizing servers. If your business’s server went down today, how long would it be before you were up and running? The average downtime for businesses is 2 days! Server virtualization can reduce that time to as little as 4 hours. TechVoo® can boost your business continuity should disaster strike. We’ve helped businesses avert major loss through server virtualization.

To learn more about server virtualization and other disaster recovery options, call TechVoo® today for IT Consulting!

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