Remote desktop connections are great for when an employee needs to work from outside the office. TechVoo® coordinates the entire process to ensure remote desktops are setup properly and tested.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) must be a high priority for any business that relies on individuals working remotely or field agents that access the network and file shares from anywhere outside the office. Any critical data or information that is accessible from outside the office is at risk for breaches and hacking. As businesses move towards more cloud based solutions, additional security measures need to be taken, or businesses risk losing everything. TechVoo® deploys VPN solutions to protect your business by providing a safe, secure and encrypted connection.

TechVoo® creates VPNs for a range of industries with the result being a secure, private and robust connection. There are different types of VPNs we are experienced in, which is why TechVoo® is the ideal partner for IT needs. TechVoo® reviews how your business functions and provides the correct recommendations for VPNs, in addition to implementing the setup.

Call TechVoo® today to schedule a time to discuss Remote Desktops & VPNs.

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