Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) provides numerous benefits to businesses. In addition to always having the most up to date versions of Microsoft Office applications including Sharepoint, OneDrive and Skype, most offices find that migrating to O365 increases productivity.

Gaining productivity in the office is possible with O365 because it’s a cross-platform tool allowing users to access documents from different devices includes PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. Also, O365 is accessible anytime and anywhere. Quick and fast access decrease the amount of downtime employees face when traveling or out of the office. Collaborating on a single document is possible as live edits can be tracked, so everyone continues to work on the most updated version of a document. No longer do spreadsheets need to be passed back and forth, losing time and risking error.

Migrating to O365 seems challenging, but TechVoo® makes the transition smooth. TechVoo® is a proud Competency Partner for Microsoft. TechVoo® demonstrates expertise and experience in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and ranks in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide,

There are different packages of O365 available through TechVoo® to determine which best suites the needs of a business.

Find out more about the available package for Microsoft Office 365:

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