Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure
When one of your computer loses its connection to the others, it can be frustrating, especially if you use your network for work.

Whenever you need to setup a network between your devices and products, we can provide our expert tools and assistance to make sure it’s done right with no hassles!
If you’re experiencing poor wireless coverage on your existing Home Network and have weak wireless black spots in your building, then we offer our wireless installation services. We can extend and increase the coverage of your wireless signals by installing various WI-FI range extenders and enhancers in the weak WIFI areas of the building to iron out any weak wireless zones.

TechVoo provides professional data network wiring services for your home or office. Now you can safely access the data from on your computer to anywhere in the world. Remote accessing programs will allow you to log into your computer from any computer smartphone or tablet. This is a perfect solution for Business professionals. Anyone who has forgotten to bring an important document with them to the office can benefit from this option.

Be able to move your computers from one room to another without a network cable. Print from anywhere in your home or office. Connect to the internet from anywhere in your home and share your photos, music, video files with your other computers.