At TechVoo®, we’re here to assist you however we can. We have retail locations open to everyone to bring in their computer with any questions or issues they have. Our skilled technicians have a range of knowledge and experience dealing with every computer issue. TechVoo® help desk services include both hardware and software related challenges, including DC jack repairs, virus removals, email setup, data transfers, operating system installs and more. No appointment is ever needed to stop in and drop off a computer for repair or to ask a question. The technicians at TechVoo® work on every type of computer and server available, including Apple OSX computers.

The TechVoo® help desk also provides remote and on-site assistance when needed. We’ve assisted clients across the country with our remote support. When remote assistance isn’t possible, on-site services are also available. TechVoo® technicians can come out to any location to provide IT support however needed.

TechVoo® technicians are readily available to speak with you on any questions you might have, including tutorials on how to use your machines. TechVoo® is always ready to provide support.