Google Suite (G Suite) provides companies with a cloud-based solution for conducting business. Many businesses choose to migrate to G Suite because they’re familiar with the Gmail platform, but need a more professional platform. An obstacle many businesses face is how to transition their current systems to G Suite when they have made the decision to migrate. TechVoo® has seen businesses lose days of work because a migration went wrong or was done improperly. TechVoo® has rescued businesses that began a migration that went sideways because TechVoo® provides a team of experts to oversee the entire process.

TechVoo® sees the entire migration through from start to finish, with technical expertise and years of experience to provide the necessary support to execute G Suite properly.  The technicians at TechVoo® are familiar with IMAP and POP, DNS, MX records and more. We’ve spent thousands of hours stabilizing systems and providing technical support for businesses and we assist when a migration goes wrong.

After the migration, TechVoo® is available to provide continued support and assistance.