1. What does “TechVoo” mean?

We wanted to make sure that our name made it clear that we’re in the technology sector, hence “Tech”. The second part is more interesting. “Voo” is short for “Vision of Opportunity”. We see a great opportunity for our clients, our franchisees and our staff in this business. Oftentimes, businesses start because someone thinks “there must be a better way!” … and in this spirit, TechVoo strives to provide the opportunity to experience “a better way!” in computer sales and services!


2. How long have you guys been around?

The company was formed in late 2007, focused mainly on web applications and web development. It was 2 years later, in 2009, that a storefront was established in Glen Ellyn, IL (at that time from a 450 square foot retail store – talk about humble beginnings!). Business was good, and by early 2011, a second location in Elmhurst, IL was in operation. The rest, as they say, is history…


3. Is TechVoo the right fit for my home or business needs?

TechVoo provides a wide range of services and products for both businesses and residential customers! If we can’t immediately answer your question, we’ll at least point you in the right direction.


4. How can I be sure you’re trustworthy?

Thousands of customers can’t be wrong! Ask for references, prior work experience, and anything else that makes you comfortable.


5. What makes TechVoo different than the competition?

Most times, a computer business like this IS the “tech person” running it – with a “technical-first, business second” mentality. That leads to technical solutions that don’t address business problems. Think, “my computer is running slow” and you just need to get work done and use a couple of programs on the computer. The “tech person” may spend two hours fixing it with surgical precision, and charge accordingly. We address business problems first, and if upon examining the PC find that it could take 2 hours to fix, we’ll offer simple and effective alternatives, like using an alternate browser or using System Restore to roll back to a previous time when it was working correctly, etc. We’ll generally save you time and money over the purely “tech” approach to all problems. And if the technical approach is the one that’s needed, it’s our promise that NOBODY knows as much as all of us at TechVoo know, and we leverage our collective knowledge to fix it right for you.

1. Should I buy a convertible or a pick-up truck?

When did we start talking about cars? Cars are analogous to computers in many ways. When people ask “what laptop should I buy?”, it’s analogous to asking “should I buy a Chevrolet or Ford?” INSTEAD, we want you to ask “Do I need a sedan or an SUV?” That’s more relevant and the difference between the sedan (consumer grade computer) and SUV (business grade computer) are critical to what your experience will be. The “performance” PC you get may have Blu-Ray and a 1TB Hard Drive, but will it last? Is it worth spending $750 on it, even if it’s a special? Many times, a business class notebook for $600 will last twice as long and will do everything you need it to, just without the shiny lid.


2. Will this computer be fast enough for what I do?

These are one of the most fun questions we get. Go ahead, tell us what you need to get done and let us ask you all the questions to arm you with answers. Check out this blog post.


3. Should I buy a PC or a Mac?

This is a common question that depends mostly on your usage scenarios. If you mostly email, surf the web and listen to music through iTunes, then a Mac is a good bet. If you have programs (and licenses) for PC that you want to use or are more comfortable with a PC, there are many reasons to stick to it. Let us know what you want, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way!

1. What is included in the different support plans?

TechVoo support plans are meant to be a “set it and forget it” type of experience. We’ll do the Windows updates, security patches, watch for system errors to prevent downtime proactively, and more. Most customers choose the CompleteCare plan for a flat rate, predictable and affordable IT service within budget. We’ll support you virtually, on the phone, and at your place of business; however you want!


2. Is there a minimum number of computers needed to sign up?

BasicCare plans start with a single computer. Other plans have minimums. Call for details!

3. How long do I have to sign up for?

Our plans are quarterly. It’s rare that we have a customer exit our support plan, but you are always free to make changes quarterly.

1. Do you have experience in the work I need done?

Yes! In almost all cases, our internal staff has the expertise to get it done. If you happen to need expertise beyond our core, we’ll point you in the right direction or manage the project for you using sub-contractors.


2. May I request a specific technician?

Yes, you are welcome to do so. Please note that scheduling a specific technician may add a delay to your appointment time and date. We are well trained as a group, and you’ll be in good hands, regardless of which technician is deployed to you. We also share notes using our internal systems, so we’ll have knowledge of your systems and setup, even if it’s years between service calls.


3. What type of data recovery can you perform?

We have recovered data from most any type of media you can name including hard drive platters, USB drives, CompactFlash, tape drives, and more. When the damage is physical in nature and beyond software data recovery techniques, we’ll work with our clean room data recovery vendors to get your data back in your hands.

1. Are you a licensed dealer?

We have various manufacturer and distributor relationships. We can get what you need – just ask. We’ve opted not to perform In-Warranty work for most manufacturers, but CAN coordinate warranty work for you through the manufacturer, as we have done many times in the past if your unit is under warranty.


2. What do you sell?

We sell laptops, desktop computers, Apple equipment including iMac and MacBook Pro, monitors, battery backups, networking equipment, servers, software, hosting, web design services, and more!


3. Can I buy parts from you?

Yes; please note that for internal components we sell the part with the corresponding service. This includes LCD screens, capacitors, internal batteries, etc.

1. What will happen to my data at your shops?

Our data policy is included in the work order generated when you initiate service. You may also view our Data Policy on the website.


2. Why do you recommend business class equipment for my home?

The primary reasons are reliability and equipment longevity. Sometimes performance is a factor; each situation is unique.

1. How long do you warranty your work and products?

We offer a 30-day warranty on our services. Products may carry a manufacturer warranty as well.


2. What does your warranty cover?

We want to make sure the work is done right. If we missed something, we’ll make it right at no charge. If we misunderstood something, we’ll take another look at no charge. We’re an honest company that will take all reasonable measures to make you happy. Ask for a manager if you feel that your situation requires and exception to be made. We’ve been known to go above and beyond regularly.

1. What qualifications do I need to open my own TechVoo location?

Please ask to get in touch with the Franchisor. We’ll be happy to communicate our capital and other requirements.


2. Can I see the FDD and FA?

Yes, of course. There are legal requirements involved, so let us know when you’re ready for this and we’ll make sure the appropriate timeframes and steps are adhered to.


3. What should I expect in terms of support?

Our training program and on-going support are outlined in the FDD. Bottom line: we want you to succeed! This is a case of “your success is our success” and we stand by that.


4. Do I need to be technical in order to own a TechVoo store?

No! Part of what makes TechVoo awesome is that we realized early on that clients are served best by a “business first” approach to their technical problems. We’ll help you identify the right “technical people” to get the job done. Do you have a technical or business partner? You may be the perfect duo to launch a TechVoo franchise!