TechVoo values your privacy, and strives to protect your data. Remote access to your computer and mobile devices is for the purpose of diagnosing and repairing issues you are having or work that you have requested. We do not transfer unnecessary files during support or remote connection sessions, and you can revoke access at any time.

We utilize security measures and protocol to protect you against unauthorized access, alterations, disclosure or destruction of your information, usernames, passwords, transaction information and data. We do not sell, trade or rent any personal identification information to outside sources.

Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural guidelines and provide training and communication programs to educate our technicians about the requirements of our standards for both data security and customer confidentiality.

When your information is no longer needed for any support purposes, we have procedures in place to destroy, delete and erase any personal information we may have acquired. Media containing your data such as hard disks or flash media may be wiped on subsequent use, and not on a set schedule. If you prefer to have TechVoo use media supplied by you, and prefer that we not re-use or share our media, you are welcome to at any time.

TechVoo is not liable for events outside of our control, such as break-in and theft from our premises and other unforeseen circumstances including breach of 3rd party or vendor supplied systems. We cooperate with law enforcement and may need to turn your equipment and data over to law enforcement in some circumstances.

If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy practices, please contact us.