Secure Data Destruction

$19.99/month: Managed Antivirus software, Remote monitoring, scheduled updates and security patches and virus removal when needed.

TechVoo EssentialCare keeps your computer protected and common programs updated automatically. You get TechVoo’s recommended Antivirus software AND No-Cost Virus remediation in case of any issues.  Viruses happen – we’ll continually protect you and get you back up and running if you ever get infected!  We’ll also keep your common software fully updated (Chrome, Firefox, VLC, Java, etc.) so you’re not bothered with continuous update prompts.

TechVoo EssentialCare includes:

  • Active Monitoring for threats
  • Antivirus definition updates
  • Windows Update Service Monitoring
  • Virus Removal
  • Application Crashes
  • Device Manager Issues

Our EssentialCare package will cover the basics and keep your system up and running in the long run with our thorough protection and system monitoring for peace of mind!

Prices are per computer.

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