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For students ages 14-18 yrs. old

  • Parts of a Computer: Students build a computer from scratch and Operating System install
  • How Electricity Works: Learn to work with multimeters. Create a circuit and experience series vs. parallel voltage
  • Analog People in a Digital World: Use a microcontroller to attach and read a temperature sensor
  • Computers Speak in Binary and Hexadecimal: Learn why computers speak in 0’s and 1’s, and perform number conversion activities
  • Computer Programming Languages: Compare major programming languages and modify code directly in class
  • Weekdays: Tuesday & Thursday, July 31 & August 2 from 6PM to 8PM
  • Weekend: Saturday, August 11 from 2:15PM to 6:15PM
  • Individual Registration: $199 – save $20 if registered by June 15th
  • Registration in Paris: $299 for both attendees
  • Parents can observe for free!

Discussion followed by hands-on lab sessions in each topic.
This class is designed for students who have COMPLETED 8th grade and above.